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Deep Drop


Longtail bass, barrelfish, tilefish, bearded brotula, and spinycheek scorpionfish are almost exclusively caught in water deeper than 500 feet.  They are uniformly excellent eating.  We use electric reels to access these “deep drop” species.

Long Tail Bass | Barrelfish | Tilefish | Brotula | Queen Snapper

Deep Drop

Spinycheek Scorpion fish

These deep water fish have a grouper like body with a very large mouth.  Although rarely weighing more than 2 lbs they filet out well and are outstanding table fare.  Handle with extreme care due to numerous venomous spines.  We just recently captured the new Alabama state record at 5lbs 8oz.

Longtail Bass - Hemanthias leptus

This exquisitely beautiful and colorful deep water fish is commonly caught around structure in 500 to 1000 feet deep.  Similar in size and shape to a vermillion snapper they are caught on small hooks and squid.

Great Northern Tilefish (Golden Tile) - Lopholatilus chamaeleonticep

The Golden Tilefish is the largest of the tile species caught in the northern gulf.  They are caught in 800 to 1500 feet using electric reels and squid for bait.  They typically are not structure oriented and live in burrow colonies.

Barrelfish - Hyperoglyphe perciformis

Averaging 5 to 15lbs, these deep water bottom dwellers are rarely caught in less than 800ft of water. They are sometimes called barrel groupers though they are not related. Like groupers, barrelfish are delicious table fare.

Bearded Brotula - Brotula barbata

Also known as Cusk eels these fish average 5 to 15 lbs and are usually caught in water deeper than 500 feet.  Some of the best catches have come at night around oil rigs.  They are outstanding eating and we never give these away.  Their head resembles a redfish while their tail is eel like.

Yellowedge Groupers – Hyporthodus flavolimbatus

These delicious groupers are caught typically between 450-750 foot depths. Considered by many to be the best eating of the gulf groupers, they are of major commercial importance.

They are found over the muddy bottom and also in deep-water structure. Deep-drop rigs and electric reels are critical to catching these beasts who seem to love very oily, smelly cut bait like squids and boston mackerels.

Snowy Grouper- Hyporthodus niveatus

These groupers are very similar to the yellowedge groupers in both their size and range.

The big difference is that ‘Snowies’ have white spots on their sides.

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